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About the United Hope Foundation

Leon Riggs always had a vision. He had a vision to give back to our local Indianapolis community by giving others a second chance–by helping when all “hope” seemed lost. Mr. Riggs is no stranger to second chances. In the early 1970’s a serious airplane accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. His second chance was no less than a miracle. He was able to recover and live a very successful life, both in business and philanthropy. “Giving Back” to Leon Riggs became more than a vision, it became a passion. Through his passion of giving others a second chance, United Hope Foundation (“United Hope”) was born.

Mr. Riggs is also the owner of LOR Corporation (“LOR”). United Hope is a philanthropic outlet for LOR Corporation to help build a sense of legacy for its employees. Through the years, United Hope has greatly evolved by fine tuning its mission and expanding its funding capabilities. United Hope has impacted many individuals, families and charities in central Indiana. United Hope has given over $1,250,000.00 to individuals, families and local non-profit organizations since its inception in January, 2005.

United Hope has initiated two major annual fund raising events to help raise funds for the local community. Each year, United Hope conducts a beer and wine tasting event called Indy’s Wine & Brew Fest and an annual golf outing called Greens for Hope.

If you would like to get involved in giving back to the community through United Hope, please contact Adam Hill at or 317-536-0298.

United Hope’s board of directors is comprised of leaders of LOR Corporation, as well as seasoned executives from the central Indiana community. The board continues to strive to provide a sense of legacy for United Hope and is committed to enhancing the current and future needs of Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

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