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Leon’s Hope Fund

Description: Leon’s Hope Fund provides financial assistance to children and adults with disabilities in an effort to improve their quality of life.

Noble of Indiana was founded in 1953 by parents of children with Down syndrome and autism. Since then, Noble has developed an array of innovative services designed to meet the individual needs of each person, from First Steps early intervention therapies for toddlers to summer camps for school kids to employment services for adults.

Over the years, Noble of Indiana has touched tens of thousands of lives by partnering with dynamic organizations like United Hope Foundation. Noble of Indiana’s mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities to live meaningful lives.

United Hope Foundation is very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Noble of Indiana to help children with disabilities overcome challenges to achieve their full potential.

Eligibility: Recipients of monies from the Fund must:

  • Be individuals with disabilities served by Noble of Indiana.
  • Demonstrate financial need by providing documentation requested by the Review Committee
  • Complete the application indicating how the funds will be spent
  • Provide detailed documentation that the funds were spent appropriately and in a timely manner

Questions: Please contact Adam Hill at (317) 536-0298 or at to learn more or to obtain an application.

Donations: Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of supporting this fund. Please direct all inquiries to Adam Hill at (317) 536-0298 or at to learn more or to make a donation. In-kind donations are also gratefully accepted and appreciated.