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Heap of Hope Fund

Description: Heap of Hope Fund was created to financially stabilize households through comprehensive and emergency financial assistance.

Beneficiaries: The John H. Boner Community Center is a not-for-profit agency founded to serve residents of the Near Eastside of Indianapolis.

In 1971, neighborhood residents organized and determined the need for a community center. Throughout the years, the Center’s philosophy has inspired the creation of services and programs in response to changes within the neighborhood.

The energy, commitment and dedication of the Center’s staff are the driving forces behind its success and the important opportunities it offers its neighbors. Through programs, services and community development initiatives, staff helps inspire and support those who are committed to a better quality of life for themselves and the near eastside neighborhood. The Center believes neighborhood-driven efforts are essential in developing a healthy, thriving and vibrant community. The Center provides an array of tools for change and growth for our residents and community partners.

Through its work, the Center is inspiring hope and fostering change to improve the lives of neighborhood residents. United Hope Foundation will assist the John H. Boner Center by providing utility and housing assistance to local residents and the neighborhood community.

Eligibility: Individuals applying for Heap of Hope Funds must:

  • Complete John H. Boner Community Center Intake form
  • Enroll in the Center for Working Families program at JBCC
  • Household incomes must be at or below 150% of the poverty guidelines
  • Must be the primary or co-lease holder
  • Utilities must be in the applicant’s name, and they must complete the application indicating how the funds will be spent
  • Provide detailed documentation that the funds were spent appropriately and in a timely manner

Questions: Please contact Adam Hill at (317) 536-0298 or at to learn more or to obtain an application.

Donations: Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of supporting this fund. Please direct all inquiries to Adam Hill at (317) 536-0298 or at to learn more or to make a donation. In-kind donations are also gratefully appreciated.